YardMaster® is the most versatile yard management software for the railcar switch, inspection, load or unload, and shipment process.

YardMaster® provides in-plant logistics functions that improve in-plant processes to expedite the turnaround of railcars and trucks within the plant facility, surrounding terminal and storage facilities. The module is very versatile, handling functions such as railcar switching, rack assignment, order assignment, vehicle inspection, and load/unload information. Cars can be marked for loading, storage, maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

The system is tightly integrated with Industrial Networks AEI portable and fixed scanners to allow accurate railcar inventory, inspections, load bay verification, etc.

YardMaster® Feature Benefits:

  • Order assignment.
  • Create and confirm switches for railroad call-in and pull, rack assignment, yard switch.
  • Manage tank and silo inventory integration.
  • Rack scheduling (including truck) for current and future days.
  • Interface with Industrial Networks portable and fixed AEI readers.
  • Optimized tankcar loading through volume correction.
  • Load bay quality control.
  • Yard mapping functionality.
  • Custom railcar inspection checklists for inbound/outboundVisits record keeping.
  • Truck carrier scheduling and load order confirmation.
  • Create bill of lading EDI and acknowledgement.
  • Integrates with RAILTRAC® for outage tables, car profiles, fleet assignments, hot listing     and other common data sets.
  • Integrates with eBILL® for bill of lading creation and EDI processing with railroads.


Hot Lists

Repair Requests


Switch List Management

Orders And Scheduling

Yard Inventory