TRANSPay® provides freight payment processing – match-pay as well as auto-pay.TRANSPay® optimizes cash flow management and reduces manual efforts related to freight payments. By calculating the best time for disbursement of funds, TRANSPay®allows you to take advantage of early payment terms, pay freight invoices on time, and avoid all penalties.

The new MBFSC processes impact accounts payable processes. TRANSPay allows for reliable, line-item billing and auto-pay freight payment options to manage these new processes.

TRANSPay® Feature Benefits:

  • MBFSC line-item billing and auto-pay freight payment options.
  • Auto-pay freight for all carriers.
  • Match-pay freight for all carriers.
  • Match freight invoices to freight accruals based on variances set by you.
  • Automatically create payment requests from freight accruals for on-time processing of invoices by A/P.
  • Streamline freight payment reconciliation.
  • Interface with A/P systems in SAP and JDE to calculate and age freight accruals and to create payment requests for disbursement.
  • Allocate freight costs to appropriate business unit.
  • Record disbursement details such as check number, mail date, etc.
  • Monitor multi-mode shipments for volume commitments and rebates.
  • Optimization cash flow.
  • Processes payment transactions for all transit modes provided by RateServer®.


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