RateServer® a powerful multi-mode freight contract management and freight cost reporting software recently enhanced to accurately calculate railroad mileage based fuel surcharges.

Bourque Logistics has enhanced functionality of RateServer®/TRANSPay® to ensure logistics professionals are equipped to efficiently manage the railroad’s new mileage based fuel surcharge (MBFSC) requirements. New functionality includes accurate fuel surcharge scales with mileage capabilities and percent calculations, plus line-item billing and auto payment.


RateServer® Feature Benefits:

  • Enhanced to provide accurate fuel surcharge scales with mileage capabilities and percent calculations, plus reliable, line-item billing and auto pay freight payment options.
  • Provides tools to easily manage the most complex freight contracts, their modification, extension, or escalation.
  • Calculates line-haul rates based on carrier, origin, destination, product or commodity class, equipment type, equipment owner, origin/delivering carrier, prepaid/collect, and other parameters.
  • Handles all types of assessorial charges and their pricing structure including rebates and discounts, standard and exception excess charges, fuel surcharges, rail switch charges, and truck stop-off charges.
  • Freight cost accruals from shipments are stored in their distinct charge-type components for direct payment or future analysis.
  • Handles any scale for fixed, per unit, per excess, or cumulative rates.
  • Provides support for point-to-point, mileage, and quantity breaks.
  • Handles railroad tariffs and complex agricultural rates such as capacity and unit trains.
  • Handles all permutations of Rule 11 freight calculations.
  • Versatile definition of rate types and units of measure allow for customized rate scales.
  • Freight cost reporting by mode, carrier, traffic lane, commodity, and customer including cost-per-ton-mile reports.
  • What-if analysis for least-cost moves.
  • Integrates with ERP systems to provide freight costs on demand for shipment cost estimates, freight-add invoicing, and carrier payment.


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