RAILPort® is Bourque Logistics’s web based report customization module.

Servicing over 80 customers via nine different applications, Bourque Logistics set out to provide a tool to allow our clients to quickly and efficiently customize and distribute reports based off of each client’s specific needs. With the introduction of RAILPort®, Bourque Logistics now provides this functionality to its clients. RAILPort® is Bourque Logistics’s first web-based application and offers pre-written templates for each application, which provide a base foundation in which to build reports.

RAILPort® Feature Benefits:

  • The ability to add or delete data fields.
  • Drag and Drop and Layout Customizations.
  • Group and Sort Functionality.
  • Column Freezing and Resizing.
  • Record Count and Summary Calculations.
  • Filter and Smart Date Functionality.
  • Cross Application Reporting.
  • PDF and Excel Exportable.
  • FASTRAC, Email and Live Link Functionality.
  • Online Video Help.

    Getting Started 101

    5.0 Videos

    Report Modes, Columns, Sorting & Grouping

    Filtering Data