RAILAcct® captures all railcar costs and revenues and allocates them to the appropriate business unit.

RAILAcct® provides a general ledger for recording all rail fleet transactions that pertain to both costs and revenues for railcars, then allocates those transactions to the appropriate business groups.

RAILAcct® Feature Benefits:

  • Produces monthly reports to analyze repairs by BRC, shop, railroad, repair type, leasing company, and contract.
  • Provides automated repair estimate approval process.
  • Provides full functionality for monthly mileage audit and claims filing.
  • Imports electronic lease invoices and confirms the billing.
  • Provides excess empty mileage audit.
  • Summarizes costs and revenues by business unit with cost center codes that provide a link to accounting systems.

Railcar Cost and Revenue Transactions Supported:

  • Repair estimates and invoices
  • Lease invoices and credits
  • State taxes
  • Demurrage payments
  • Asset depreciation
  • Mileage credits and equalization
  • Sublease revenues
  • Detention invoices and payments
  • User-defined miscellaneous expenses

    Getting Started

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    Monthly Car Allocations

    Expense And Revenue distributions

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