eBILL® is the most versatile and complete rail bill of lading software available.

eBILL® is a complete rail bill of lading program that provides EDI communication with the railroads for the transmission of 404 rail bills and the receipt of 997 and 824 acknowledgements. Bills can be created in eBILL® manually using patterns for repeat movements or from user-friendly entry screens for non-repeat shipments. eBILL® can also be integrated into your existing shipping processes where billing information can be imported directly into the system from current shipping or order entry systems.

eBILL® Feature Benefits:

  • Transmits an ANSI standard 404 bill of lading transmission to the railroads.
  • Confirms railroad receipt via 997 and/or 824 acknowledgements.
  • Email notification for non-confirmed bills of lading.
  • Creates patterns for repeat moves to reduce manual data entry.
  • Receives and confirms order records from order entry systems.
  • Supports customs documents.
  • All bills of lading and revisions are maintained in an easy to access archive table for historical analysis and audits.
  • Supports multi-car billing.
  • Provides volume correction and outage calculations.
  • Supports both US and Canadian HAZMAT bill of lading requirements.
  • YardMaster®Journey™ – Supports all trucking operations.

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